One-Size-Fits-All Does Not Apply to Your Resume

One-Size-Fits-All Does Not Apply to Your Resume


The long-held sales belief, trying to please everyone pleases no one, holds true for a reason. In applying for a new job, this is exceptionally true.

Most people rest on the thought that one resume articulating their employment history is all they need to find the next job. This is just not true and it might very well be the reason you're not getting the interviews you desire.

Your resume and cover letter should not be stock pieces you send everyone. It pleases no one. You need to articulate your value in regards to the specific role you are applying and how you fill the exact needs of the position. Each resume you send out, while not entirely different, should be tailored for the job to which you are applying.

Articulating your value is key! Remember, you are trying to entice the employer, not the other way around. Tell them the value that you will bring to the role. Articulate how you fit the requirements listed in their job description. They don't put those out there for fun. The employer is basically telling you exactly what they’re looking for and it's your job to take it a step further.

Don't ever assume the reader will make it to the bottom of your resume to find out that you do have the MBA they're asking for or that you do have five years of experience handling X, Y, and Z. Communicate your value for the company in the first third of your resume so by the time the reader gets to your employment history, it is just the qualifying proof to your summary statements and areas of expertise.

If you're not exhibiting yourself in these terms, companies are on to the next applicant. Believe me, someone else is tailoring their documents and those will be the people getting the interview. One-size-fits-all does not apply here.

The process of applying for jobs is tedious, no one enjoys it, but when you think about the amount of time you spend at work during a lifetime, you should put effort into landing in the right place and not just hoping and relying on the person (or computer) that receives your resume to pluck you out of a massive pile as the perfect fit. Wishing and hoping they identify your value doesn’t get it done. Put the effort into it and the rewards will be great.

If you're not sure what to say on your resume, we're here to help. Branding people is what we do!