Personal Branding: 5 Articles to Focus Your Career Perception

How to build your professional personal brand | Red Letter Resumes


Personal branding is more than a buzzword. It is your way of controlling your perception and setting the tone for how you want to be seen. That is why you should care about it!

For those of you new to the concept or veterans looking to tweak your existing brand, we’ve rounded up some excellent reading to help you fine tune this increasingly important tool in a career arsenal.


1. Contemplating whether you actually need a personal brand ... right now? Here's what to consider. (Inc.)

2. Personal branding can boost your career in 3 critical ways. This is how you use it to get what you need and what you want. (Entrepreneur)

3. LinkedIn needs to reinforce the branding you are already doing. This piece outlines 7 actionable tips you can leverage now. (Forbes)

4. Your behavior has massive impact over your branding, whether your are building one purposely or not. These are the 7 traits that will make or break you in the eyes of others.

5. Your resume acts as your first impression with an employer. Is your brand coming across in the way you imagine? (Red Letter Resumes)