LinkedIn: How to Amp up Your Profile

How to improve your LinkedIn profile | Red Letter Resumes LLC


LinkedIn can be a massive asset to your career IF you use it wisely. Too many people treat it like a dumping ground for their work history. It is much more than that. LinkedIn does what your resume can't: It introduces the person behind the accomplishments. There is more to your story than a list of duties, and LinkedIn offers you a great platform to tell it. Don't squander the opportunity.


This month’s roundup will help you understand how LinkedIn fits into the bigger picture of your career branding and how to convey your message in an impactful way. 


1.     Nobody understands the updated LinkedIn layout better than the man who designed it. Here's his advice for writing the perfect profile. (Business Insider)

2.     Some things are better left unsaid, or in this case, unwritten. These 17 things are not needed on your profile or resume. (INC)

3.     A mediocre LinkedIn profile can kill your perception. This article provides 5 key pointers on how to go from a snooze fest to a standout. (Fast Company)

4.     If you've ever wondered what industry takes the cake for the worst (or best) profile photos, you'll enjoy this read. Will you be brave enough to test your own photo? (Forbes)

5.     Your LinkedIn summary does all the heavy lifting for your brand. Is yours generic or top shelf? You'll know after reading this. (Red Letter Resumes