Job Search: 5 Articles to Shake Up Your Strategy

5 Articles to Shake Up Your Job Search | Red Letter Resumes

Job searching these days requires many levels of participation on your part. Not only do you have to have your resume and references ready to go, you also have to lean into technology. An application through a job board just isn't enough anymore. We've dedicated this roundup to critical insights that will have you navigating the ever-evolving waters of recruitment with ease.


This month’s article will keep your job search focused, authentic, and firing on all cylinders!


1.     Being true to yourself during a job search will ensure you land a job you'll be happy doing. This piece outlines what you need to keep in mind to keep your real needs front and center. (Undercover Recruiter)

2.     Before you say 'yes' to a new role, make sure you do your homework. Advice on how to do that and more just by using social media. (Hootsuite)

3.     Need a game plan? This sports inspired run down has got you covered. You'll want to add these 6 strategies to your playbook. (The Muse)

4.     Are you really taking your job search seriously? The points in this article will give you a gut punch if you are not. (Spark Hire)

5.     There are two social media platforms that are essential to any job search. Here's how to integrate them into your hunt and land a job quicker. (Red Letter Resumes