Top 10 Millennial Career Experts You Should Be Following

Top 10 Millennial Career Experts you should be following | Red Letter Resumes


Millennials are a unique breed. We face our own distinct career struggles and therefore need to have advice from people who get us, understand the world we live in, and speak our language. It’s exceptionally helpful when they are millennials themselves.

But how do you find them? If you are like us, you’ve probably seen the same list of people float around year after year. We wanted this one to be a little different.

There are tons of great accounts to follow for general career advice and the big names are easy to find. The list that follows is made by millennials for millennials, featuring millennials. (Say that 10 times fast.) These are leaders that have embraced the label and are putting work and words out into the world that make the moniker something to be proud of!

To narrow the field and keep the list focused, we made our selection parameters strict:

  • they must be a millennial themselves
  • we are already following them or read their work (to keep the list genuine)
  • their social media feeds must be primarily devoted to career or workplace related content
  • 80% of their posts must be of actual value rather than self-promotion or personal tweets (buy my book, sign-up for my course, here’s a picture of my cat, etc.)
  • we selected people and not companies or publications
  • they were gender neutral
  • and lastly, while the majority you’ve likely heard of already, we tried to shine a light on some voices that may not be on your radar (that’s the best part of making a list, you can give credit where you feel it is due)!

Below, in no particular order, is a list of 10 voices we felt we could recommend without hesitation to our tribe. We hope one or many of this group speaks to you as you embark on the next step of your journey in 2017.


Red Letter Resumes: Kelly Keating & Kristi Russo

@kelly_keating3 / @russo_k

BONUS ADD-ON: Shameless plug, we’ll get it right out of the way. We are owned and operated by millennials and we're glad to be part of this cutting-edge generation. We write resumes and LinkedIn profiles for people that want to stand out for who they are, not what society thinks they should be. No templates or canned language here. Our blog posts are written to support our followers’ quest to land jobs they love. In addition, we share posts from other career sites and writers to keep you up-to-date on trends, tips, and topics related to all aspects of the career journey (many retweets are from the people on this list)!


Chelsea Krost


Chelsea is a shining example of the power of millennials. As a group, we mystify many that hold the keys to the corporate kingdom so Chelsea's made it her business to open the doors between generations to explain and advocate on behalf of millennials everywhere. She covers all sorts of topics on her blog and social profiles, but her posts about careers and branding standout. More often than not her shares and retweets feature millennial writers working hard to leave their mark on the world. She belives in our generation and uses her influence to help others build theirs. 


Jessica Stillman


The EntryLevelRebel is a personal fav. Not only do we love her handle but how it perfectly matches the personality in her work. Her rebellious streak matches our own and that can be hard to come by in the often über buttoned-up business arena. Success, careers, productivity…the woman covers it all. The best part is it’s as enjoyable to read, as it is insightful.


Ryan Foland


If the resume is your brand on paper, Foland's area of expertise is translating that to the spoken word. The man knows how to tell a story and is an open book when it comes to sharing his tips and techniques with those looking to elevate their brand and their ability to captivate an audience. While entrepreneurship may be his focus and he isn't a traditional "career expert", his speaking tips will help anyone who has to give a presentation or answer questions in an interview. That poise is critical to career success.


Kaytie Zimmerman


The founder of The Optimistic Millennial is true to form. The articles are smart, upbeat, and speak directly to the millennial pursuit of the perfect work-life balance. She has astutely combined career and money matters, which make perfect bedfellows, and serves up posts about how to maximize both early on in your adult life. An added bonus!


Lukas Pesa


Lukas is a millennial workplace expert and lends his consulting skills to companies interested in recruiting this generation’s talent. His feed is filled with articles that explain the issues millennials face in the office and during the hiring process. He is trying to bridge the generational gap at work and his twitter chat is aptly named #WorkforceBridges.




If you are on the younger side of the millennial umbrella, this is a definite must read. GenTwenty founder, Nicole Booz, makes sure her blog covers everything from internship tips to entry-level jobs and how to find them. If it happens in your 20s, you can find it covered smartly here. 


Lily Zhang


Lily is an first-class career content curator and her feed will greatly resonate with those on the job hunt. She’s a career counselor at MIT and a frequent Muse contributor. Her articles are easy to comprehend and give crystal clear advice. The students she advises are lucky to have her and now so are you!


Sarah Landrum


The founder of Punched Clocks and Forbes writer covers the career terrain with thoughtful scope. For that very reason, she has been a bit of a career publication darling. There is something for everyone in her pieces and finding happiness in your work is one of the main tenants of her brand. 


Brendan Browne


We could do a whole other list just on LinkedIn, but for now, who better to follow for career advice than the company’s VP of Talent Acquisition? The articles he shares give you a real insight on how he leads his team and the values they look for when hiring for the world’s largest professional networking site. This feed is particularly valuable for anyone in a management role as many of the posts shared have a leadership or teamwork slant.


Caroline Beaton


What makes people tick is immensely fascinating to us so adding Caroline, a workplace psychologist, was a no-brainer. Completely honed in on the millennial set, this Forbes 30 Under 30 contributor is a shrewd resource for go-getters and pros ready to take it to the next level.


Let us know who you turn to for career advice. We are sure we missed some of your favorite millennial minds.Share in the comments below so we can follow them too!

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