Top 10 Personal Branding Experts You Should Be Following

Top 10 Personal Branding Experts You Should Be Following


We live in a time where how you tell your story is just as important as the story itself. When qualifications and education are often the same, how you present yourself to the world can make or break your status. Enter the significance of building a personal brand!

Getting advice on how to do this is essential, but who you get it from matters. A lot of people have jumped on the personal branding bandwagon and knowing whom to follow can be tricky. Finding the best advice and cutting through the noise of promoted accounts can be daunting.

Not to worry, we’ve made it simple. We study personal branding and have sought out thought leaders on the topic who post consistently, have a unique perspective, and would bring value to your career. Some already have a large following, for good reason, while others are hidden gems. Find a personal branding mentor that speaks to you or follow them all. You won't be sorry! 


1. Dorie Clark

Dorie is one of the leaders in her field and you can't really talk about personal branding without her. Her strategic insight and comprehension of marketing have landed her gigs with major brands and publications. Whether you need to discover your 'It' factor or reinvent yourself completely, Dorie offers solid advice.


2. Leonard Kim

Leonard is a branding guru. He's self-made and shares his wisdom to help you tell your own compelling story. He promotes authenticity and purpose, and that's what makes him stand out!


3. Amy Cuddy

The title of Amy's NYT's best selling book says it all; Presence! She shares posts on confidence, body language, and building your own powerful presence. The essentials for anyone's brand.


4. The Muse

The Muse is just an all-around career must. They cover all the major career topics including personal branding and their partnerships with other publications, like Inc., make them a powerhouse of current content. 


5. Karen Kang

Karen's work is informative rather than fluffy. She is laser focused on branding, and the content is for your benefit. 


6. Larry Kim

Larry is a leading branding expert and a fantastic contributing writer for Inc. If you don't like emojis, he may not be your guy, but his articles are smart and you need to check them out. 


7. Sylvie di Giusto

Personal branding is much more than your words. People are sizing you up from the minute you walk in the door. Sylvie focuses on crafting the perfect image to go with your words and make a lasting positive impression. 


8. Amy Morin, LCSW

Psychology has a lot to do with your brand and what makes you tick. Getting to the heart of your mindset is key to building an authentic personal brand and Amy's posts do just that. Whether it be staying mentally tough or navigating workplace etiquette, she's got you covered.


9. Ryan Erskine

Ryan is an online reputation management and branding expert. His focus is on the digital side of the branding spectrum whether it be personal or for companies. His content is thoughtful, on trend and particularly relevant for business owners.


10. Red Letter Resumes

Yes, it is a shameless plug, but branding people IS what we do! While we cover lots of career related information, our core is personal branding. We understand the importance of bringing your career to life. It is why we started this company!


Who is your go-to personal branding mentor? We'd love to know who you follow. Sharing great content makes us all smarter!