Resumes: 5 Essential Articles to Keep Your Resume in Tip-Top Shape

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RESUMES: 5 Essential Articles to Keep Your Resume in Tip-Top Shape


If you think writing a resume is easy, you are probably doing it wrong. That being said, you can make it easier. Knowing what to say, how to tailor it, and easy ways to keep critical information updated will serve you well. The five articles included in this month’s Roundup will guide you on those topics and more!


1.     Understanding the fundamentals of what goes into a great resume is essential. Master these eight steps to stand out. (Inc.)

2.     Most people never look at their resume until they find themselves job searching. By then, it seems daunting. Here's how to keep it up-to-date and avoid that overwhelming feeling. (The Muse)

3.     When setting up your skills section, you need to identify what your hard skills are rather than wasting space with subjective soft skills. (Huffington Post)

4.     What you title your resume is very important, yet so many people get this wrong. Don’t be one of them! (Levo)

5.     If your resume is filled with duties and the words ‘responsible for’, you are portraying yourself in the lowest possible manner.  Here's why and how to change that perception. (Red Letter Resumes