Being Ghosted in Your Job Search?


Being Ghosted in Your Job Search?


You’ve tediously applied for job after job, only to get no responses. You keep checking your phone or email, anxiously awaiting the next part of the job search process. Days turn into weeks and all you hear is radio silence.  With the lack of feedback, you are left scratching your head and wondering what went wrong? You feel like a loser and pressure just builds. How will I ever land a job?

On average there are 250 applicants per opening and this number dramatically increases for prestigious companies and highly sought after roles. Hiring Managers are inundated with applications, and those are just the ones that make it through the automated screening that many companies utilize. The time crunch is real, and your behavior can have a major impact on whether you get a response or are left hearing crickets.

So why are you really being ghosted? These are some common reasons.

1.     You are not qualified. HR does not think you meet their minimum qualifications. Whether it is true or not could be related to how you packaged your resume. Did you fail to highlight your skill set or do you just lack the experience?  Either way, you are not going to receive a response.

2.     There are no keywords. SEO isn’t just for businesses these days. Keywords are crucial to the success of your resume making it through Applicant Tracking Systems and into the hands of a person with the power to call you for an interview. These systems have become quite sophisticated, so don’t think adding some buzzwords will make the difference, they need to be in context and found in more than one area.

3.     You took too long to apply. The truth of the matter is that HR doesn’t want to make hiring a long, drawn out process. The sooner they can fill the position with a qualified candidate, the better. Being applicant #249 does not typically bode well. If you find a role that is perfect for you, apply as soon as possible. If you want to work for a specific company, make sure you are following them for the latest openings. Be proactive; there is an advantage to being interviewed in the first few available slots.

4.     You didn’t follow directions. Job postings are often very specific on how they want candidates to apply and what materials must be supplied for consideration. You are sending up an immediate red flag if you don’t follow these to a T. This shows HR that you can’t follow simple instructions and that you prefer to do things your own way. Don’t expect a response!

5.     Your resume isn’t effective. It is essential that you package yourself skillfully on your resume. Your formatting must be clean and guide the reader to your significant accomplishments. This is your highlight reel, not a catalog of your entire work history. The real harsh truth is that your resume only gets a 6-second scan, so it better showcase your abilities concisely!

Bottom line: Follow submission directions, apply early, and make sure you are qualified for the job (or pretty darn close). If you are already doing those things and still getting ignored, get your resume evaluated. A recruiter is SCANNING for basic criteria, and most people have no clue what that entails. Your resume needs to be on point, or you won’t be getting your foot in the door anytime soon.

We want you to work smarter, not harder!  Don’t keep sending the same resume out if you are not getting results. Take the opportunity to improve so you can land that dream job.


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