Red Letter Roundup

Networking: 5 Articles to Build Your Skills and Maximize Your Presence


Networking may not be your favorite thing to do, but it is extremely critical to your success. It can be intimidating or awkward but learning to make the most of it and, dare we say, learning to love it, will have a significant impact on your ability to move your career in the direction you want it to go.

This month’s Roundup is dedicated to helping you maximize your efforts and improve your personal relationship with networking!

1.     Think you’re already a master at the art of networking? Here are four mistakes you are probably making and don’t even know it. (Business Insider)

2.     Hate going to networking events and awkwardly swapping business cards? These tips will help you get over the loathing and make the interactions less painful. (Fast Company)

3.     Looking for ways to make your efforts more efficient? Start here by incorporating six tactics to up your game and make the best use of your time. (Forbes)

4.     The Harvard Business Review understands your networking phobia, enough to help you do it effectively (and maybe have a good time). (Harvard Business Review)

5.     LinkedIn Connections; should you aim to become a LION or should you be more selective in developing your network? (Huffington Post