Interview Success: 5 Recommended Articles to Help You Prep

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Interview Success: 5 Recommended Articles to Help You Prep


Interviewing is nerve-racking. You need to dress the part, say the right things, show interest (but not desperation), and make your case for why you are the person they should hire! It is a lot to think about, and the only thing that can help is preparation.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some great articles from smart sources that can help you up your interview game.


1.     Do you have a video interview coming up? Here are six tips to nail it. (Talent Zoo)

2.     Many Employers ask behavioral questions these days (Tell me about a time you…). These can catch you off guard. Here’s a thoughtful and specific example of how to prepare for these types of questions and what they are looking for in your answer. (Social-Hire)

3.     The questions YOU ask during an interview can have a real impact on how you are perceived. This advice will help you come up with impressive ones. (MediaBistro)

4.     Got an interview tomorrow? You’ve got this! Skip to this article to cover your bases when you have less than 24 hours to prep. (Simply Hired)

5.     Make sure you have everything you need in your possession when you leave for the interview. This six-item checklist can be your guide. (U.S. News