I’ve Been Applying, But I Have Not Received Any Responses So Far


I’ve Been Applying, But I Have Not Received Any Responses So Far


Job searching can seem like an endless task.  It feels as though you are constantly searching for positions of interest on the major job boards, networking with family and friends, looking on company websites, and roaming social media for any mentions of openings. Finally, you find a position that matches your wish list! You are hopeful and excited. You read the requirements and decide you are going to apply.

You tediously fill out the online application and upload your current resume and cover letter. Feelings of unlimited potential fill you after submitting everything and breathe a sigh of relief. Now the anxious waiting period begins. Every day that goes by makes you more nervous and concerned as to why you have not heard back about the position. You think that you meet all of the requirements and that you are a perfect fit for the position. There is no reason in your mind as to why you shouldn’t at least be granted an interview.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are 2 major reasons why you have not heard back about the role.

1.     Your resume isn’t good. I hate to say it, but it is most likely true. Your resume probably made its way to the trash. The majority of resumes that recruiters see are not strong. They are improperly formatted, have sorry objectives, are too long, list duties and responsibilities rather than accomplishments, and don’t show an employer value, to name just a few. If you are not hearing back, take a real honest look at your resume. This usually is the number one reason why you are failing to get responses.

2.     You are not qualified. A lot of individuals are not realistic about their work history or skill set. If you do not have the skills, education, training, or requirements that the company asked for, you will most likely be discarded. If the company took enough time to list the requirements on the job description, it is very important to them and the position. While it isn’t always necessary to have every item they list, it is important to meet the minimums set forth. Make sure you are being reasonable about your skills and how they match up with the new position you are trying to acquire.


Now I know there are other circumstances (vacations, the position is filled internally, the recruiter is working on another pressing matter) that occur and impact why you haven’t heard back from the company. However, these account for a much smaller percentage than the two reasons listed above.  Stop convincing yourself that it is only external factors causing your job search to fail and take a hard look at your own process. It is not normal to apply to an upwards of 20 jobs and not receive a response back if you truly are a good candidate!


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