Five Tips To Be A Better Candidate

 Five Tips To Be A Better Candidate


Let’s face it, the job market has become more competitive than ever and jobs are constantly changing due to the way the world is evolving. People either have to learn new skills or have to be the best in their industry. It is more important now to make sure you stand out in a positive way. To be considered a strong candidate, we’ve compiled a list of a few simple things that you can do!

Here are five things that can help you in your job search to stand out as a strong candidate:

1.     Apply Correctly. I know this sounds like common sense, however, some people disregard what the posting says and applies via the website and then sends an application via email, and then applies thru LinkedIn, etc. Read the job description carefully. The company will tell you how they want the application and resume; this includes formatting and any other supporting materials required. You do not have to send it a million times via different avenues. Do NOT deviate from the specific directions. This will automatically disqualify you and annoy the recruiter.


2.     Follow Directions. This is in my opinion another biggie which can make or break your candidacy. If you can’t follow directions in the application process, how are you ever going to follow directions in the role you are seeking? You will be a nightmare to work with! No one wants to work with a know-it-all or someone who believes the rules do not apply to them. Please don’t be this person! Show employers you can follow the simplest of directions given; this one demonstrates your ability to listen and follow-through.


3.     Make It Easy to be Contacted. Your contact information should be easy to access and find on your resume and cover letter. Don’t make it difficult for the recruiter/hiring manager to reach you. In addition, make sure you always provide a phone number and an email address. Different recruiters reach out in different ways. Making it difficult to access your contact information this early in the process makes you an easy elimination. No one has any investment in you at this point. Stop giving them an excuse to delete your name from the potential hire list.


4.     Name your Resume File. When you submit your resume it can easily get lost in the shuffle. Openings get hundreds of submissions for numerous positions that are being actively filled. Make sure you title your file with your name. For example JohnSmithResume.Doc. If your resume somehow got separated from your application, a quick search can be done to find it.


5.     Notify your References. Make sure you let your references know where you are applying. This way they will not be caught off guard if they are contacted by a number that they might not recognize. You want your references to be prepared and ready to champion for you. Go the extra mile and send them a copy of your most recent resume so they are up to date with your skills and roles. They will be more prepared to speak on your behalf if you prep them, especially if it has been quite a bit of time since you have worked together.


These five things are so simple to execute yet job seekers are still neglecting to make the necessary improvements. It is sometimes the little things that tip the scales and get you through the initial screening process. Take every step you can to enhance your perception as candidate worth pursuing!