Five Things YOU Need To Do When Hiring A Resume Service

5 things YOU need to do when hiring a resume service


Hiring a resume service doesn't stop the moment you place the order and email your old resume. You hired a service for a reason, most likely because you're unhappy with the resume you have. If it's not working for you, it most likely does not include the most relevant information your writer needs. Therefore, you can't check out of the process and think of it as transactional.

Here are the five things that you need to do to fulfill your part in getting a great resume when you hire a service: 

1.     Collaboration is critical.

Like I mentioned, your writer will most likely need more information from you; Accomplishments, improvements, promotion information, details about awards you’ve won, and all the nitty-gritty that a good resume needs. When a writer asks these types of questions, they're getting to the heart of a successful resume and you should be glad that you hired someone who's taking the proper steps to give you a successful document.


2.     Be very specific with what you want and what you need from the writer.

This means telling them exactly what types of jobs you're trying to get. Specific examples and links are best. Explain if you need a technical section. Articulate if you are worried about an employment gap or a short-term role.  Make sure you outline the key points you're trying to hit home and what you are best at. It's difficult to synthesize decades worth of information down to the critical points without a clear picture of what you want us to capture. Whatever is relevant to your journey, make it clear!

3.     Respond promptly.

A writer typically has more than one assignment. They usually block off specific periods of time to work on your project or have deadlines they have to hit. Waiting on you to respond can hold up the process and frustrate your writer. Everyone has a busy schedule these days. That includes you and your writer. Be respectful of their time and try to purchase a service when you will be around to quickly answer questions. Don't order a service and then go on vacation or disappear and be absent the entire time the writer is trying to execute your project. (You would be surprised how often I’ve experienced this).


4.     Follow deadlines.

Most companies have a turnaround time and a project revision timeline. Please try to stick to these dates as they are implemented for reasons; not just for productivity, but so that your material is fresh in your writer’s mind. Flexibility of a day or two, when agreed upon between both parties, is reasonable. Know the deadlines of your order carefully and do your best to stick to them.


5.     Be kind.

I can't stress this tip enough. Your writer is trying to help you succeed, trying to craft a document that helps you get the job or start the career you desire. No one wants you to be unsatisfied, particularly the writer. If you have concerns or feedback, please articulate it in a professional manner and leave the rudeness and aggressiveness out of it. This is a business transaction and please handle it as such.

The key job of a resume writer is to develop your content, highlight your accomplishments, and show your value to the reader of the resume. Give them what they need to do their jobs and you will have a resume that works!