Technical Professionals: I'm Looking At You

Technical Professionals: I'm Looking At You
An industry that benefits most from resume services


While anyone can benefit from the help of a good resume writer, in my experience technical professionals benefit more than most. Their jobs are so flooded with jargon, technical language, and extensive and intricate development issues that it can sometimes be difficult for them to explain what they have accomplished in layman's terms. They are often submitting nine-page resumes that don't articulate their value in the best possible way. Recitations of job duties and the step-by-step completion of projects seem to make their way onto these resumes. This does a disservice to your chances of getting your foot in the door.

An effective resume writer can evaluate your work history and pull out the key information, particularly focusing on the impact of the work you have done and the positive changes it had created. It's more important for you to articulate the impact of what you've implemented and the overall picture of the programs rather than the step-by-step process. If you can outline for an employer how you impacted your current company or client, they're better able to visualize your performance level and the degree of productivity you can bring to them. This equals more opportunities and better negotiation points.

Tech roles are in high demand and there is a vast market seeking what you can do. This includes engineers, information technology professionals, software architects, etc. Being able to display your value in a way that is understandable to an HR recruiter as well a potential boss is critical. The hiring process is typically multilayered.  Being able to assert your value to each level involved in the process, whether they are a technical professional themselves or not, is the key component to making yourself stand out in a positive way.

Shows like The Big Bang Theory or Silicon Valley, poke fun at the inability of the technical professional to explain their jobs in an understandable way for someone outside their field. Their characters punctuate all their stories with technical lingo, which is amusing to the audience, but it also highlights a real issue for many people in technical roles. You do amazing work, you build something out of nothing, and you keep companies running. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a gap between being able to relate what you do and who you are to someone who isn't part of your profession.

This is extremely important for those of you in or pursuing management roles of a technical division. Your job is not only to be able to understand and execute technical proficiencies but to be able to motivate, manage and communicate with your team and other departments within the company. How you outline your experience and who you are as a professional on your resume will be a key indicator as to how you communicate as a leader and a manager. Cross-functional leadership is not just a buzzword these days. It’s extremely important for the functionality and operations of a successful company.

Resume writers are able to make your document concise, highlight your accomplishments and their impact on a company's bottom line or productivity, and explain your technical expertise in a way that isn't overwhelming to the reader. It highlights you at your very best and gives you an edge among your peers of being able to bring your story to life in a way that's relatable and valuable. Long, single-spaced resumes full of abbreviations and jargon just don't get the job done today. It's worth the money and the time, in the long run, to work with a writer and develop a document that will land you where you want to be.

Knowing when to get help is important. No one is great at everything. When you do contract the help of a writer, please listen to their suggestions and let them be the objective party to help you streamline your resume. You are paying these people for their expertise. They wouldn't tell you how to build a website or develop enterprise architecture.  Take their advice in the mode that's intended, for your successful job search or promotion.

Take the leap, do your due diligence, find a reliable resume company to get a document prepared that will serve you well during your career ascent. It is an investment in yourself and your future. Being able to capture your skills and articulate your work to an intended audience is of the utmost importance. Your resume needs to be able to convey that you can do that in a way that's efficient, accomplishment focused, and concise.