I Have NO Experience...What Do I Put On My Resume?

I Have NO Experience………What Do I Put On My Resume?


You have more options than you think

This is a common concern that I hear from a lot of individuals who are on the hunt for a new job or career path.  Are you one of those people who have said, “I’m looking for a new job, but I just don’t have the experience”?  You are not alone; according to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, individuals will have about 7 careers in a lifetime. This means that you need to be able to articulate how your skillset matches with your new career.

The best kept secret that we can offer you on this journey is the functional resume. If you haven’t heard of the this type of document, let me introduce you. The functional resume focuses on and highlights your abilities and skills. Instead of listing your jobs in chronological order, the focus is on specific skills you have, relevant to your next role, and how you have actively applied those throughout your work history.

This is a niche resume and not for everyone. I want to make that clear. If you are fresh out of college and trying to land your first job, this is not for you. This type of resume is best suited for individuals that want to make a career change or for those that have a gap in employment. It shifts the emphasis from the years you’ve held relevant jobs to how your work has made you a great asset to a new field.

A functional resume is designed to specifically aid those individuals whose career path has not been linear or who have just been out of the workforce for some time. In this type of format, you will be identifying and pulling out your transferable skills (skills that are relevant to the position or career you want to break into) and bringing them to the forefront.  

Writing a functional resume takes time and is more challenging to create. However, don’t shy away from using this type of resume if it best suits your needs. Take a look at your old resume and think about what skills you utilized in your previous positions. Are these skills that are required in your new career path? If you answered yes, then you are on the right track. Once you know what abilities you want to write about, you need to address specific quantifiable examples of how you executed that aptitude effectively. This will make you stand out. Not only are you able to articulate that you have the competencies necessary for the role, but you can give concrete examples of that expertise in action.

The functional resume is an underused option that has a lot of untapped potential. If you take the time to develop the right focus, it may just be the change you’ve needed to get in the game and be noticed for the value you do bring, rather than what you are missing!

***Should you need help with focusing your resume in this way, we offer a package specifically for Career Changers and would be happy to help!