Is Your Resume Stuck in 1985?

This one thing may be dating you in the eyes of all your potential employers

The objective statement has gone out of style. It is the key identifier for an out-of-date resume. If you haven't written a resume in the past twenty years, you probably think this is still in fashion. I can assure you it is the most dated item on any resume I see.

The objective statement, while somehow popular many years ago, has fallen out of favor with human resources, hiring managers, and recruiters. It is a huge waste of space on a resume and, if you are putting one together right, space is a hot commodity. If someone tries to sell you a template that starts off with an objective, turn the other way and run.

The main reason the objective has been evicted from resume space is the fact that it is not reflective of the intended audience. In this day and age, jobs are in high demand and the power lies in the hands of the companies. It is all about what you can do for them and not your intentions toward the role. Hearing about how you would love to use your leadership skills, be challenged, or grow as a professional does nothing but make you look unprofessional, inexperienced, and needy. This isn’t where you are seeking a soul mate. Save the Piña Colada talk for Tinder. The resume is about the absolute value you bring in a professional capacity.

In your good-natured attempt to stand out, you end up reeking of desperation.  Newsflash: the recruiter knows you want to get the job. Every applicant’s intent is the same. Reiterating your intention which was made clear by the sheer fact that you applied, is unnecessary. Save space for information that's of actual value. The recruiters I've spoken to state you’re more likely to end up in the trashcan then in an interview pile when you have an objective statement on your resume.

Ageism is alive and well and the presence of an objective statement is often an indicator that you're probably part of a more mature age bracket or reentering the workforce after a long absence. Don't tip your hands on your age. While it shouldn't be something you have to worry about, anyone with common sense knows that it is. You want your resume to be modern and reflect current industry trends. If you find yourself in need of a resume and know you haven’t put one together in some time, redo your resume completely. There are plenty of resources to help you update your information and services that can help you with the creation of content.

If I could get one bit of advice to all job seekers it would be this: Leave the objective behind and fill your resume with stats on improvements, specific accomplishments, projects, etc. so that the reader is compelled to bring you in for an interview. One small change can make a world of difference!