The Procrastination Factor and Ways to Manage It

The Procrastination Factor and Ways to Manage It

There is a quote by Jessica Hische that floats around Pinterest in all different fontastic combinations that hit the nail on the head:


“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”


Ring true? Maybe this is why you truly procrastinate?

Maybe you just don't have a true, deep interest in what you are doing. If this resonates with you, maybe it is time for a change. Maybe it's your career that needs to take a turn, maybe starting a new hobby that excites you will make the difference, or you just need to change directions altogether. Take a deep look at yourself and see if that's the issue. If it is, it's never too late to make a change. There have certainly been times when this was the case for me and I have been fortunate enough and, in some ways, brave enough to make a drastic change.

There are reasons for procrastination other than passion. It is a chronic problem for many and tackling it can be difficult. I recently read an article in Psychology Today about this very topic and their take was focused on how people’s perception of time was a major culprit in getting things accomplished or putting them on the back burner. Majorities of people find it is easier to put off goals that don’t feel urgent or are viewed as distant. The advice: Set deadlines and break big goals into manageable chunks.

This article falls in line with the best advice I ever received from a sales coach. We built our personal and business goal plans in six-month increments. The coach only ever had his students work in increments of six months because longer measurements were easier to blow off and you easily can lose sight of the prize. His other advice was to try not to make too many changes at once, stating this is why New Year’s resolutions almost never stick. People try to change their life all at once and it is too much change and it feels overwhelming. (Keep that in mind when the new year rolls around!)

So make a list of what you want to achieve, learn, grow, etc. and break it down into manageable, short-term goals, setting deadlines with measurable outcomes. Write it down. Plans are easier to follow and track if you put them on paper. Set some actionable steps for yourself and go for it. Focus on making small changes and see how quickly you can check things off you list!

No matter what is causing you to procrastinate and put off what you need to do today, I hope this helped somehow.