10 Career Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

10 Career Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs


There are general concepts that can benefit your career at any level. Here is a down and dirty list to help you escape career destruction and make smart choices as you advance! These 10 business faux pas should be avoided to keep you on the path to career success.


1.     Not investing in yourself and your career

Your career greatly impacts the type of lifestyle you are going to have. Why wouldn’t you want to have a career you are passionate about and that compensates you fairly? Read more here about how you can achieve this!

2.     Forgetting to make a LinkedIn profile

A majority of jobs allow you to apply thru LinkedIn and recruiters frequently source candidates here before even listing an opening. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to network and have job offers coming to you. A strong profile helps you get noticed!

3.     Failing to listen to advice from mentors

Your mentors have seen and experienced a lot in their careers and they have already learned from their mistakes. If they are willing to share what they have learned, listen to them! You never know what they may inspire or problems they can help you sidestep in your own career.

4.     Not forming a professional network

A professional network is great to have because they are people who share similar experiences and are often good sounding boards. A strong network can help elevate your career, help you keep up on what is going on in other companies, and get inside knowledge of job openings. Plus, who doesn’t want people they can talk shop with and not feel guilty about it!

5.     Not using social media to your advantage

Social media is here to stay and is an excellent way to stay on top of trends and ideas. It is also a valuable place to network; it allows you to connect with people you might not normally come in contact with and access experts in your field. Many employers now evaluate your presence on these outlets to get a sense of your personality and interests before making a hiring decision.


6.     Unprofessional appearance

People judge you on your appearance; it is just a fact of life. The old adage, dress for the job you want, not the job you have, is still very relevant!

7.     Getting by with the minimum

Being satisfied with the minimum will not get you a better job or a raise. The hustlers get both! Take the extra step when possible. It helps you stand out from the crowd.

8.     Not adding value to the work you do

Adding value is so crucial. By improving processes, reducing costs, improving efficiency, etc.… you assert yourself as an important member of the team. Individuals that add value move up the corporate ladder.

9.     Failing to stay in touch with connections/references

Your references play a large role in career advancement. Learn how to use them effectively. Here’s a little help.

10.   Forgetting to help others

Don’t forget what it is like to be at the bottom or to struggle. Everyone needs help at one time or another. Give with pure intention, not for any other reason! There is no better feeling than helping someone else.